Protestants Struggle Most With Temptation of Eating Too Much

The most common temptation that Protestants admit to is eating too much, according to a Barna study.

Compared with Catholics (44 percent) and the rest of the American public (55 percent), Protestants (66 percent) are most likely to say they are often or sometimes tempted by eating too much.

On other temptations, Protestants struggle on a similar level as other American adults. Fifty-eight percent of Protestants (vs. 60 percent all adults) say they are tempted by worrying or being anxious; 57 percent of Protestants (vs. 60 percent all adults) say they struggle with procrastinating; 42 percent (vs. 44 percent all adults) say spending too much time on media is often or sometimes a temptation; and 40 percent (vs. 41 percent all adults) list being lazy or “not working as hard as you should” as a struggle.

A little over a third of both Protestants and all adults say they’re tempted by spending more money than they can afford.


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Encouraging Bible Verses About The Love of God | Life Bible Verses

Encouraging Bible Verses About The Love of God | Life Bible Verses.

Great article on some of my favorite bible verses on the Love of God

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lift student ministry tshirt

Christian tshirts for youth groups can take on many many styles and colors. Here is an example of a one off design for the Lift Student Ministry. Youth ministers love us because we take time with each client to make sure we communicate the message that the group desires. It’s not always an easy task, but as they say, someone has to do it.

Our designers have a keen eye for the styles that todays youth like and will wear. Anyone can slap a bible verse on the back of a tshirt, but it may take a few tries to get a graphic to be “just right”. We aim to please when we start a project from scratch. Youth pastors usually come to us for a Christian tshirt idea for their youth group. Sometimes that idea is scratched out on a napkin from Denney’s and sometimes Youth Pastors employ an additional graphic designer that works hours to put that perfect Christian graphic design makes it’s mark.

Youthgrouptshirts also has over 500 designs called templates that can speed the process of design and print. A free name drop or changing the text is the way to go if the youth pastor is on a budget and has also waited until the last minute to order. Hey, we know it happens.

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Search and Rescue Christian Tshirt

Here is a tshirt we did a few years ago, and have reprinted several times changing the text. This theme deals with basic discipleship training. Colors are striking and it has an army feel to it with the shirt color. Youthgrouptshirts can take most of these designs and use them as a template for your next youth group design. We have been in business for over 25 years helping youth pastors and ministries achieve the message that they desire on their groups tshirts.

Whether you want 50 or 500 Christian tshirts we can usually meet your deadline and create a cutting edge design that your youth group or Christian organization will be pleased with wearing.

If you have a budget we can help you make it happen with what you have to work with. Most tshirt jobs can be completed within a 7 – 10 day turnaround. From our shop to your door. We would love getting a chance to win your business.

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3 observations on a Christian tshirt

iron sharpens christian tshirt

Christian Tshirt | Iron Sharpens Iron | Flickr – Photo Sharing!.

3 observations for this Christian tshirt. First the noticeable element of a strong font selection. The font is bold and definitive, it does not distract from the overall design and compliments the entire graphic. Secondly, the overall graphic is unquestionably Christian in nature and scope. The message is bold and based on a popular Bible passage located in the book of Proverbs. The tshirt is appropriate for children and adults. The colors are vibrant and the printing looks to be of exceptional quality. A black tshirt with a red and gray imprint with a crackle distressed finish. Lastly, the tshirt has great subtle message overtones with the bent barbell and wings in the background. All in all a great Christian tshirt design.

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Christian tshrit | Life Hurts God Heals

life hurts tshirt“Hand Drawn Life Hurts God Heals Tshirt” A two color, soft hand design. When it’s time to make a change. The Gildan 5000 is a 5.3 oz. 100% preshrunk cotton; seamless rib at neck; taped shoulder-to-shoulder; double-needle stitching throughout; Please check the sizing chart below to insure you get the correct size. … Check out this tshirt and more at Ziz Clothing.

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Ziz Clothing – Quirky Christian Tshirts

Welcome to the world of Christian tshirts. Type in Christian tshirts in your Google search and you will pull up a very wide variety of tastes and categories. From Kerusso to C28 to NOTW … the big boys take the market share of the first couple of pages. Kerusso and C28 both have affiliate programs so … their shirts will show up on tons … I mean tons of sites. The little known or up and coming sites like …  zoethreads have some fantastic tshirts … but the market is pretty much bloated with other Christian tshirts that are alot of transfer stuff. I personally really liked the jesusbranded stuff … but alas they are not around right now. So, I’m plugging another up and coming site … Ziz Clothing. There was a lot of their stuff on Tuna Tees as well … but now these guys are going after it with what they call … Quirky Christian Tshirts. I like them … they are simple, funny and different. I know they have only been up a few weeks … but they are showing up on Googles radar a few pages back. Check them out.

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